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We guarantee a higher-standard of work and executing your project within a timely manor. All the while, ensuring that our day-to-day operations are managed professionally, and reflects a final product that’s expected from all of our clients. Sometimes materials used can result in defects, so we guarantee that our team will make all repairs to the installed product resulting from the above outcome.



Do you provide estimates free of charge?

Yes. Echelon Exteriors provide free estimates at a very competitive market pricing.

What type of warranties do you carry with the products you provide?

We were trained and certified to install a variety of siding and roofing products by different manufacturers. As a result, we offer 10 to 20 years of manufacturer warranty. In addition, Echelon Exteriors offers a 5 year workmanship warranty. It is our commitment of going above and beyond; doing the right thing, no cutting corners even when nobody’s looking.

Do you offer project financing?

Yes. We offer 0% financing for all your exterior projects OAC.

What are the safety programs you have in place?

Echelon Exteriors has a safety plan in place monitored by a certified safety practitioner. In addition, our crew has safety training in fall protection, first aid and certifications in elevating work platform operations. We also conduct daily hazard assessment and toolbox meetings before starting any work on site.

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